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munkajog munkáltatóknak

Employment Law for Employers

Onboarding employment law package, internal policy, working time, temporary staffing, posting, reorganization, termination, employment litigation, training, audit and compliance

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Employment Law for Executives

Contract review, liability, non-competition, premium, bonus, termination, employment litigation

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Employment Law & Data Protection

Workplace data management, data protection policy, privacy notice, data processing contract, audit and compliance

Meet our leading attorney

Meet our leading attorney

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Multilingual Legal Services

Our law firm serves its clients in Hungarian and in English. Our leading attorney speaks German as well.

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We aim to get familiar with the business and industry specifics of our clients and focus on their priorities in order to furnich creative and individual solutions.

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We carefully listen to our clients, clarify their needs and explore the available alternatives in a user-friendly manner by also considering business and/or legal risks.

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We are flexibly available, we schedule an appointment for consultation purposes as soon as possible and, if requested, we visit our clients personally.


GDPR fines: searching in employees’ e-mail box

GDPR fines: searching in employees’ e-mail box

Attention employers! Do you lack a company e-mail and archiving policy? Do you allow or tolerate the private use of company e-mail? Have you ever accessed and/or restored an (ex-)employee’s e-mail box to search for a document or a past correspondence with the client? If yes, you have a high risk exposure to GDPR fine.

Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work

Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work

Being under the influence may significantly impact the employee’s ability to perform work by reducing productivity and increasing exposure to accident. What are the thumb rules when doing alcohol and/or drug tests at work in Hungary?

Trade Union Misconducts: Defamation

Trade Union Misconducts: Defamation

If they cross the line, trade union(s) and/or their representative(s) can be sued by the affected person for a compensation on the basis of civil defamation, i.e. a civil wrong. The violation of someone’s integrity (in Hungarian: becsületsértés) is included in section 2:45 (1) of the Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code. Furthermore, section 2:45 (2) of the Civil Code includes a similar civil wrong, the so called infringement of reputation (in Hungarian: jóhírnév megsértése).

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