Termination of employment

It is worth involving an employment law expert in the decision making process so that the termination of employment will be legally justified and well-prepared by also considering in particular termination prohibitions or restrictions or the specific rules applicable to executive employees, definite term employment or temporary agency workers. In each case, the goal must be to support the employer’s decision from a legal perspective, to ensure a smooth flow of the termination process by also attending related meetings and minimizing legal risks.

Employment law advice and documentation covers the following:


preparation of and commenting documents regarding (ordinary) dismissal, extraordinary dismissal or termination by mutual consent of the parties;


attending meetings personally at the request of the client;


legal advice in connection with collective redundancy, preparation of the underlying documents and, if required, consultation with the works council and/or the trade union(s);


assistance with regard to the re-organisation of the employer including the preparation of employment contract and/or internal policy amendments, modification of job descriptions, working order or working time schedule.

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