Overlap: Employment & Corporate

Under Hungarian law, an executive officer (managing director, board member) may be engaged in the framework of an employment relationship (as an executive employee) or based on a civil law contract. Simultaneously to the appointment and registration of the executive officer in the company registry, it is to be decided which alternative the employer prefers. Considering that the employment and the corporate issues are strongly related, it is recommended that both aspects are handled together so that the most convenient documents package is prepared.

We assist our clients with:


the preparation of the underlying documents on the appointment as an executive officer and the related employment or civil law contract for such engagement;


the drafting of the non-compete agreement with regard to the executive employee;


the revocation of the executive officer and, along with that, the termination of his/her employment or civil law contract;


the settlement with the executive employee upon his/her termination if any dispute or issue arises.

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