Establishment of Employment

We assist our clients from the very beginning of a hiring process in order to ensure compliance from both an employment law and a data protection (GDPR) perspective. We help our corporate clients in finding the ideal legal relationship fit for the actual case irrespectively if it comes to employment of an executive officer (managing director, company manager, board member), a definite term employment, a part-time job, a multi-employer employment, teleworking, home office, temporary agency work, posting, or employment through a student or pensioner co-operative society.

We are delighted to assist our clients with regard to the following:


commenting on job ads from an employment and data protection (GDPR) perspective;


do’s and don’ts at a job interview from an employment and data protection (GDPR) perspective;


preparation of employment contracts, job descriptions, employer’s notifications, confidentiality declarations, data protection information sheets with regard to both executive and regular employees;


preparation of non-compete agreements;


preparation of and commenting on civil law agreements on the cooperation with temporary work agencies, student or pensioner co-operative societies;


preparation of employment related documentation for temporary agency workers.

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