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Meet our leading attorney

Meet our leading attorney

Why Us?

Dedicated to Employment Law

Employment law is not only one of many areas of our expertise. Our leading attorney is an employment law expert trained in an international environment and she is dedicated to advising the employer-side as well as executive employees.

Comprehensive (employment) law solutions

Given our further expertise in business law – corporate law, competition law, commercial law – we can provide our corporate clients with comprehensive (employment) law solutions.

Multilingual Legal Services

Our law firm serves its clients in Hungarian and in English. Our leading attorney speaks German as well.

Creative and Individual Advice

We aim to get familiar with the business and industry specifics of our clients and focus on their priorities in order to furnich creative and individual solutions.

Practical Approach

We carefully listen to our clients, clarify their needs and explore the available alternatives in a user-friendly manner by also considering business and/or legal risks.

You Save Time

We are flexibly available, we schedule an appointment for consultation purposes as soon as possible and, if requested, we visit our clients personally.


Trade Union Misconducts: Defamation

If they cross the line, trade union(s) and/or their representative(s) can be sued by the affected person for a compensation on the basis of civil defamation, i.e. a civil wrong. The violation of someone’s integrity (in Hungarian: becsületsértés) is included in section 2:45 (1) of the Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code. Furthermore, section 2:45 (2) of the Civil Code includes a similar civil wrong, the so called infringement of reputation (in Hungarian: jóhírnév megsértése).

Trade Union Misconducts: Breach of Confidentiality

Trade unions represent their members and negotiate with employers in order to improve employee benefits and working conditions or to solve employment issues. This, undoubtedly, implies confrontation with the employer. But how far trade unions – including their representatives – can go in order to protect the interests of employees? More precisely, are there any limits or boundaries with regard to their actions?

Termination of Employment: Fired During Notice Period?

According to the first-instance court verdict, RTL Magyarország lawfully terminated the employment of the ex-CEO, reports[1]. The case dates back to 2015, when the employment of the ex-CEO was first terminated by way of an ordinary dismissal.

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